How to Taste Freedom and Peace

It takes a while for most people to “awaken”.

But an initial sense of freedom and peace is actually easy to access.

And it doesn’t require meditation, though it does require some initial insight and mindfulness.

So what is the insight?

It is the discovery that our thinking is the source of most of our suffering, and that believing our thinking is optional!

It turns out that thinking is a virtual reality mostly based upon previous conditioning (the exception is practical thinking but that is only a tiny percentage of our daily thoughts)

Normally, we just assume that our thoughts are telling us the truth and we are guided by them; we actually attach to them, consent to them and create a story from them.

You actually have a choice!

Start to notice your thoughts and simply refuse to engage with them; stop following them; stop making a story out of them. There is no need to fight with them. Just notice them without engagement. Instead, remain present!

If you sincerely do this, after just a few days you will notice that your mind is already more peaceful and there is an experience of freedom.

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