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Would you like a much deeper experience of spirituality?

What would a deeper spiritual experience actually be like and how does it happen? How do you make the shift from doing to being and integrate spirituality into every day life? How do you tap into your innate spiritual BEING and how do you overcome the illusory sense of separation most human being experience?

I have spent my life discovering the answer to those questions. Whilst sometimes, a spiritual shift comes as an unexpected “gift”, there is a process through which you can open yourself to spiritual transformation.

Through either transformational coaching or spiritual mentoring, I can help you to discover your authentic spiritual Self. 

Free Discovery Coaching Session (by Skype/Zoom)

Is this for you? Find out with a free exploratory session. We will discuss your current experience and what kind of a shift you feel ready for or are seeking.  We can explore if there is a match or resonance between us. If we think we are a fit you can choose to work with me. If not, there is no obligation afterwards whatsoever. From my side, I am only interested to work with individuals who are ready to make their spiritual journey a priority.

Testimonial:   Meeting Steven was wonderfully profound and I instantly experienced a connection with higher consciousness and a true, pure source of wisdom. One’s spiritual journey can be filled with intense interferences, obstacles and complexities which require a source of innate wisdom, experience and skillful means to navigate the path to higher levels of consciousness. Steven has helped me to navigate these aspects, raise my level of consciousness and sense of Being which is resulting in living life with an abundance of heart felt joy in alignment with my life’s purpose. I feel very blessed to have such an amazing Spiritual coach that keeps things very simple, clear and timely. 

Paul Delahunt, Leadership Coach

Hi, I am Steven Lane

I am a Spiritual Mentor and Transformational Coach.

My aim with this site is to connect to people who have an authentic spiritual interest, and to introduce you to the possibility of developing yourself spiritually, and ultimately supporting you to discover your True Spiritual Essence and make everyday life meaningful.

I have practiced a spiritual path for more than 35 years, including 7 years as a Buddhist monk. Professionally, I have 20 years’ experience as a Transformational Life Coach and Brief Therapist. I have had thousands of transformative conversations and helped many people to make their lives spiritual and purposeful. 

I hold qualifications as a Personal, Executive and Leadership Coach and as a Deep Transformational Coach. I am an EMCC member and accredited coach.


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