Three Mindfulness Practices for Daily Life

Mindfulness is the heart of any spiritual practice. It is what enables you to shift out of the busy mind into a more open and relaxed space with countless benefits. There are hundreds of potential practices. Here are 3 to try:

 1.      SLOW DOWN

Dedicate some time – 1 hour, or 1 day even, to doing less and slowing every thing down. Breathe slowly, eat slowly, speak slowly or less, notice what is going on around you, walk slowly. Be more present and enjoy whatever you are doing

 2.      SIMPLY BE

Most people are in doing mode all of the time. And even when they relax, such as watching TV they are still in a more subtle type of doing mode. Instead, take time to just BE. Even if only for 5 minutes at a time. Sit (it could be with a cup of coffee or tea) and just be without needing to engage in anything else. Just enjoy doing nothing. At first the addicted mind protests – it wants screen time, talk time, stimulation. But if you just regularly enjoy BEING, you will find an innate happiness and wellbeing.

 3.      Notice your Thinking


Most people are caught up in their thinking. They believe they are their thinking. They react to their thinking. It is exhausting! Instead, just take a few minutes or longer to sit, close your eyes and watch your thoughts as a curious observer. Watch them come and go without involving yourself in their content or following them. You will be astonished at how calm you might become.

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