Witness Consciousness

This constitutes a major breakthrough spiritually.

But it is often confused with a mindfulness. There is a major difference.

With Witness Consciousness, we discover a different sense of identity – namely, the I AM. This sets us free.

With mindfulness practices we  non judgmentally observe thoughts and feelings, but our identity remains confused – we continue to identify with a limited body and mind.

With Witness Consciousness we discover that we are THAT which is the subject of all experience. That subject is pure awareness and is untouched by experience.

But even Witness Consciousness is not the full story. There are multiple levels which spiritual teachers such as Rupert Spira clearly outlines.

With WC it feels as if we here as awareness, and experience is over there. There is still a duality.

The next level goes further and we discover that we as WC are all pervasive and that experience arises from within us.

And even that is not the end! But that is for another time.

But discovering WC first level is a massive breakthrough and will save years of striving!

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