Soul Re-Connection

The Soul has many meanings for different people. But in general, we consider it to be our spiritual nature and our interface to the Great Divine.
If we are “plugged in”, we experience natural states of happiness and life seems to flow with ongoing divine inspiration.
Being “soul” connected is our natural state of being in which our conscious mind is aligned and in harmony with our “higher self”. If we live in this way, there is little to worry about, because we naturally find our purpose and our “path “ is constantly guided and illuminated.
Yet, we live in a world where more and more people experience a fundamental disconnection from them Selves, resulting in depression, anxiety, loneliness and existential crisis. Once standard worldly attempts at happiness have been exhausted, these people often turn to therapy or superficial spiritual techniques.
Eventually, there has to be a recognition that our ego is limited in its ability to control our lives and provide happiness. There comes a time to make a deeper connection to our self which may involve surrender and letting go.
There are many techniques and meditations that will help us to reconnect to our “higher selves”, our soul, but there are two fundamentals we need to establish first:
We need to sense or know that within ourselves is the possibility of connection to higher consciousness, and that this consciousness has access to information that we normally don’t have access to, and has power to enrich our lives in many, many ways.
In traditional spiritual terms this might be called “faith”. It is the recognition of our limited ego nature and the confidence that there is within us access to an infinitely greater power. This faith should not be confused with the moralistic or even extreme demands of conventional religion. The moment we start to touch upon this innate higher intelligence, it is as if our soul has been plugged back in.
Our souls are constantly sending invitations to reconnect, yet without our “allowing” an alignment cannot take place, and spiritual efforts will be ultimately fruitless. To allow does not mean to shirk responsibility for our lives. It means to open ourselves to possibilities way beyond what we imagined before, to listen, to notice what is being sent, and then to act upon it.
We are so used to being in our heads and relying on our thinking. But our thinking is just mainly a regurgitation of our past and our conditioning. When we clear some space and make a deep inner connection, we discover a connection and an intelligence infinitely greater than our small minded thoughts.
Steven Lane
Spiritual and Transformational Coaching
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