Just Being

Have you ever had the experience of suddenly feeling peaceful and wonderful? It suddenly arrives and just as suddenly disappears again. Most people can relate to this on some level. What has happened is that you have touched upon “Being”.  Being is our natural state of wellbeing that is always present when we relax and step outside of the mind’s compulsive need to think, do, achieve, be someone and cling to a fixed identity. If we have an encounter with something beautiful it can create an interruption in our mind stream and we can briefly touch upon being. This is why slow mindful walks in the woods can feel so sacred. It might also happen during exercise, especially once endorphins kick in. But we can also intentionally fall into “Being” through “sitting”. You simply sit, in an armchair or on a meditation cushion if you like, let yourself relax, let go of any agenda to have specific kind of experience and remain lightly present. Thoughts will come and go, feelings will arise and dissolve. But you just sit, without a goal, just being present. At some stage you will feel a “switch” happen. A profound sense of wellbeing and peace arises without apparent cause. Physiologically this is marked by parasympathetic nervous system activity – breathing slows down, the heart beats slowly and evenly, the entire body system relaxes and rebalances itself. This switch typically happens after 15 – 25 minutes of sitting. But it only happens if you are not trying to make it happen. You sit with the attitude that right now is just fine. Try it – it is FREE!
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