Hi, I am Steven Lane.

          What I am about

My aim with this site is to connect to people with real authentic spiritual interest and to make a range of services, events and products available which will help you to discover your True Spiritual Essence and make everyday life meaningful.

I am a Spiritual Mentor and Coach. Professionally, I have a long background as a Brief Psychotherapist and as a Life Coach and this experience helps me to have transformative conversations with people.

Using My Skills to Help People

With this range of experience, I can help individuals find their own personal path using a range of different tools and techniques. Whilst much of my experience has been gained within Eastern traditions, especially Buddhism and the related Dzogchen, I am equally at home with Christian and God based approaches. In fact, connection to a Universal Intelligence is a key part of my own journey and how I help others.

I know that everyone carries within them a fully awakened state, permeated with wisdom and guidance, and I see my role as being one of helping you to discover that.

I live in Ireland with my wife Avril and am a father to two wonderful children.

My Story In Case You Want to Know
(but it is just a story!)

I am 52 now (as of 2016) and started my own spiritual journey when I was 15. At the time, I would rise a few hours before school time and sit in mediation trying out various techniques. During the next 9 years I tried out lots of approaches and teachers, especially Indian approaches and New Age. I had lots of spiritual experiences but no real breakthrough.

Then a wise sage started to appear in my dreams every single night and download spiritual knowledge into me. I know this sounds fantastical, but I promise this is what happened. Later, I saw his picture hanging in a Buddhist monastery – he died several years before these transmissions happened.

One night I awoke in resplendent luminous light and saw directly the nature of reality and my own true essence. The wisdom that arose from this has never been lost, though the experience, like all experiences faded. This awakening experience was the beginning of a long spiritual adventure, full of pitfalls and wrong turnings, but culminating in being able to integrate spirituality into everyday life in a very powerful way.

The journey included 7 years as a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan Tradition, initiation into advanced Tibetan secret and tantric practices, teachings from Taoist masters, detailed study of the Law of Attraction, visions of deities and angels, deep experience of mindfulness, and during the last 14 years, study and practice with a range of teachers of non-dual teachings in the Dzogchen and Advaita traditions.

Wholly Spiritual is a brand name which I chose, to suggest that nothing in our lives is separate to the Spiritual.

My business name is:
Steven Lane, T/A A Change of Mind
Tara, Roesboro,Emly Road,Tipperary, Co Tipperary, Ireland